Australians and volunteering

By Dr Vanessa Douglas-Savage

2016 Census statistics revealed that Australian’s are still committed to volunteering and contributing to their communities despite their busy lifestyles, with a 1.2% increase from the 2011 census.

Nearly 5 million people aged 15 years and over are engaged with voluntary work. The highest rates of volunteering are seen in the 45-54 year age group, with around 680,000 participants. Most volunteers are motivated by giving something back to their community, to support personal beliefs, or to simply make a difference.

So why are so many Australians involved in volunteer work? Some of the benefits include:
• Meeting new people and building new relationships
• Acquiring new professional skills and experiences
• Developing new personal traits and learning new things
• Giving back to the community and making a real difference.

Many organisations offer corporate volunteering programs to deliver benefits such as team building, staff development and positive public relations. This can be a great way to get involved with local organisations and communities.

Causes like Darkness to Daylight rely on volunteers to be a success. Yet 86% of volunteer organisations need more volunteers . With the benefits on offer, what are you waiting for?

By Dr Vanessa Douglas-Savage
Consulting Director, GWI
GWI consulting director and chief information officer Dr Vanessa Douglas-Savage is an information management and information architecture specialist who leads the Information Practice at GWI.

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