Darkness to Daylight 2020

Knowing too many stories of family and domestic violence compelled QSuper’s Michelle Green to join her 45 colleagues in QSuper’s largest team yet to participate in the Darkness to Daylight Challenge.

“My motivation to participate in the 2020 D2D challenge was not only hearing but knowing too many stories of violence in the home, and even one is too many,” Michelle says. 

“Throughout my 110 kilometres, I’ve been able to reflect on the challenge that we face as a society to stamp out domestic and family violence and how I can better assist in this fight.”

The Darkness to Daylight 110km Challenge  has given each member of the QSuper team the chance to contribute to bringing DFV out of the darkness.

QSuper is committed to ending domestic and family violence and takes an active role within the workplace and the broader community through partnerships and support for organisations in the  stand  against DFV, as well as advocating for the financial and social wellbeing of women who make up over two-thirds of the fund’s membership.  

Challenge participant Bill Brassington, QSuper’s Sponsorship team leader, says his personal awareness and understanding of DFV has increased significantly through QSuper’s ongoing commitment to tackling domestic and family violence and partnerships with Darkness to Daylight and DVConnect.

“I believe that as a community, if we each make our own personal commitment, no matter how big or small, we can initiate lasting change,” Bill says.  

“As a father of two beautiful young daughters, what drives me to support such change is the hope and belief that they will enjoy a future that is devoid of the risk of domestic abuse.”  

Victoria Simmonds-Gin. of QSuper’s Member Support and Operations team, says recently taking part in another fundraiser to build and donate children’s bicycles to domestic violence family-support charity RizeUp made her want to do more to support DFV victims.

“I feel that businesses have a duty to promote and support causes. Lots of people are keen to give, whether it be time or money, so when these opportunities arise through the workplace they make it even easier for people to get involved, which in turn helps to promote a positive, giving culture as well as forging new connections with your fellow teammates,” Victoria says.

“(It’s) win-win…I would love to see a challenge every month!”

For Michelle Greene, a big question regarding DFV still remains:  “What more can we do as a community?”

“People who face violence in their home require trusted safe havens to flee, financial assistance, counselling services all the way through to some families requiring complete relocation,” she says. 

“I’m proud to work for QSuper, an organisation that supports such an important cause and also looks further at ways to continue the good work that is already being done by so many.”

QSuper, Queensland’s oldest and largest superannuation fund,  is committed to its ongoing DFV partnerships including with domestic violence hotline DVConnect, Queensland’s leading state-wide crisis response service that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As part of the partnership, QSuper funds an additional full-time telephone support officer that enables up to 4,000 extra calls to be answered annually from Queenslanders in need of support.

With so many members supporting victims of domestic violence in their roles as police, nurses, emergency services workers, teachers, child safety and legal officers, QSuper is committed to continuing to support frontline services and help to keep DFV victims safe throughout Queensland.

QSuper is a sponsor of Darkness to Daylight 2020.