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Marnie Went

Board Member

Each day in my job I see the effects of DFV. As the Coordinator of a Women's Refuge I see firsthand how "trauma" to women and children impacts on their everyday life. To see the faces of children who have had to leave their belongings behind, and the sadness in mum's eyes is simply heart breaking. Their stories, although individual, share similarities in the types and ways that violence, sexual assault and coercive controlling behaviour is perpetrated. DFV can no longer be hidden, it is everyone's responsibility to do something.

I chose to become a Director at Challenge DV because I understand that education is a key component to breaking the cycle. Challenge DV workplace training in DFV is a great way to get up to date, relevant information on what to look out for and how to respond.

I have been working in Human Services for over 25 years with 20 years of that being in Management. Working predominantly in Homeless Services I was given the opportunity to Manage one of our Women's Shelters. Using my frontline experience, education and years of working in refuge I was able to come onto the Board with Challenge DV to ensure that the voice of the women and children and other refuges continue to be heard. This opportunity has also given me another way in which I can continue to advocate and contribute to a cause that I am very passionate about.


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