Jacque Lachmund-3

Jacque Lachmund

Chief Executive Office


I was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in May 2016 and see myself as an ambassador for change. I have gained in-depth knowledge and experience from within the DFV sector and as a survivor, I bring a lived workplace experience to the table. I am dedicated to educating and supporting businesses to make workplaces safer environments, where conversations about DFV can take place, without creating further stigma, shame and fear.

I was the Coordinator of Chisholm Women’s Refuge and the Chairperson for the Combined Women’s Refuge Group of Queensland during 2014 – 2015. I believe that it is only through the combined and respectful effort of communities, workplaces, men, women and children, that positive change can occur. My vision is our world free from violence in all its forms.