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Minter Ellison reaffirms commitment to end domestic violence

At MinterEllison we are proud of our commitment to community investment as part of our broader corporate social responsibility and access to justice program. Over the years, we have worked hard to ensure our resources are directed to the areas of greatest social need and the firm’s diverse talent base is engaged in the delivery of our community engagement initiatives.

One of the highlights of our community investment program is our relationship with Australia’s CEO Challenge (ACEOC). For 15 years, the firm has supported ACEOC as part of its commitment to addressing domestic and family violence, bringing with it an opportunity to involve all our staff at all levels and holistically utilise our resources.

We assisted ACEOC in its initial incorporation and establishment as a formal entity, provide ongoing advice regarding legal requirements associated with its workplace training business models and also provide office space for staff, Board representation and a venue for events. In 2005, our partnership with ACEOC was recognised with the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Community Business Partnerships (Queensland Large Business Category and national finalist).

Through our day-to-day interactions with the ACEOC team, we have come to understand the issue of domestic and family violence (and what can be done about it) on a deep level. In that context, we are very proud to have played a significant role in the development of the Darkness to Daylight Challenge as a physical, visible and symbolic way of bringing the community together to raise awareness of domestic and family violence.

Inspired by his participation in the American Indian Movement Sacred Run in 1995, Robert Reed (Brisbane Coordinator of MinterEllison’s community investment program and ACEOC Board member) presented the Darkness to Daylight Challenge concept to ACEOC and ran (literally) a pilot version in 2012. A team of professionals from MinterEllison then worked closely with ACEOC to develop the first public event in 2014, and have participated in a variety of ways ever since.

Each year, we ask a different group within the Brisbane office to drive the firm’s participation in the event. This year, they have encouraged involvement via a doorknock to promote the D2D Raffle and drummed up registrations by promoting the community involved on the night with a number of MinterEllison relay teams formed, a specifically assigned MinterEllison marshal point and a MinterEllison marquee in the hub. We are deeply committed to raising awareness of domestic and family violence and our close relationship with ACEOC serves as great encouragement for our people to take on the challenge.

We are all looking forward to taking part in the Darkness to Daylight Challenge 2018 and so proud to see how big the event has grown in a relatively short time. Most importantly, we are proud to be able to work alongside ACEOC to help create a world free of violence.