Our Workplace Facilitators


Challenge DV has highly qualified Facilitators located across Australia in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. We continue to strive on growing our team so we can expand our reach and accessibility to our Workplace Training programs.


  • Amy Stephenson - Brisbane
  • Andrea Kenny - Brisbane
  • Davina Donovan - Brisbane
  • Heather Ellis - Brisbane
  • Jacque Lachmund - Brisbane
  • Kat Baulch - Brisbane
  • Paul Montgomery - Brisbane
  • Paula Johnston - Gold Coast
  • Tess Raby


  • David Lees - Melbourne
  • Luana Gomes - Melbourne

Western Australia

  • Louise Aston - Perth

Meet Our Facilitators

Amy Stephenson

Amy has worked in the DFV field at service coordination and managerial levels. Amy is one of our highly qualified workplace trainers. She is also one of the directors of Unique Outcomes a workplace change and leadership organisation. She has worked across a number of different fields such as; Uniting Care domestic violence, homelessness, early childhood learning and inclusion support services. She has a strong grasp of current research and legislation.

As well as her practice experience, Amy has worked in ministerial advisory councils for the Queensland Government and previously was chair for the combined Women’s Refuge Group (CWRG). The work of the Ministerial Advisory Council focused on the review and implementation of the newly developed Whole of Government strategy for addressing DFV. Her role included a number of community consultation processes to effectively represent the Greater Brisbane region in this opportunity, as well as

collectively providing strategic advice to the Minister for the Department of Communities, QLD.

Amy has proven superior written communication skills and has produced numerous publications and conference papers.

“The session was great, Amy is a great, sensitive presenter”

Andrea Kenny

Andrea is highly motivated workplace consultant and trainer who specialises in: change management, continuous improvement, team building, organisational strategy and alternative dispute resolution. She has extensive experience working with Government, NGOs and business sectors. When she facilitates a session, she strives to make the theory and frameworks applicable to the client’s workplace. Another one of her goals is to transfer knowledge into accessible tools, resources and key learnings for the participant. Andrea is a former Constable with the Queensland police, highly personable and a highly engaging trainer.

“I would recommend this trainer and training to anyone. Her passion shone through in the course and this is the one thing that I believe captivated the trainees. With the knowledge with QPS she gave accurate information and was to the point”

David Lees

David has over 30 years experience as a social worker within community organisations, government agencies and private practice. During this time, he has been involved in numerous pioneering community development, organisational change, practice development, research and capacity building projects.

He has held a variety of roles including direct practice worker, supervisor, manager, team leader, project manager, practice leader, teacher and educator, facilitator, counsellor, coach, researcher and organisational consultant.

David has taught undergraduate programs at Griffith University (technology), Queensland University of Technology (human services) and the Australian College of Applied Psychology (counselling). He has presented over 20 conference paper/workshops and written numerous reports and training packages. David is particularly interested in improving practice quality through engaging with workers, teams and organisations in rigorous and meaningful reflection and direction. Has garnered a high-level of customer satisfaction throughout his career in his multifarious roles. Clearly fitting the required criteria making him an excellent choice as an Challenge DV facilitator.

“Presenter was excellent. Very knowledgeable and approachable. Kept the content interesting and interactive”

Davina Donovan

Davina has extensive experience working with individuals and communities impacted by various social challenges including DFV and suicide. Davina has direct practice experience providing therapeutic interventions and case management to those impacted in DFV including men, women, families and children.

Davina is passionate about providing education and training to increase awareness and empower individuals and groups to make systemic changes.

Davina believes group facilitation, education and training to be the most powerful catalyst for change. Her work with The Psych Professionals, dhamma and co, and headspace School Support, and she was able to support these workplaces to make dramatic, long term, systemic and attitudinal changes.

“Davina provided an excellent session which was very informative, professional and insightful”

Heather Ellis

As a workplace facilitator, Heather’s expertise lies in the fields of DFV, sexual assault and child protection. 

Heather has delivered training sessions to private and public-sector organisations, supported the development of workplace trainers and assisted in the redevelopment of a number of Challenge DV's products.

Heather is passionate about community, creativity and developing fun and empowering learning programs. Heather has excellent skills and experience in workshop design, facilitation and improvement.

Heather's skills include organisational capacity building, strategic planning program design, training, group facilitation and communications. Heather brings with her extensive subject matter knowledge and will assist in the development and delivery where required.

“Excellent and very passionate delivery of workshop. Outstanding subject knowledge”

Kat Baulch

Kat is first and foremost a Social Worker (BA) who has built on her approach with a paediatric, trauma-informed lens. Kat has diversified her skillset through a Master’s degree in Management and is an outstanding trainer in her own right. 

Kat is passionate about ensuring quality management principles are embedded in Challenge DV's collaborative alliance with external facilitators. Two-way communication ensures Challenge DV is listening to our trainer’s expertise and adherence to Challenge DV's quality standards (program fidelity). Kat draws from her experience at the Emergency Department at The Royal Children’s Hospital (Victoria) where she assisted in developing the DFV workplace training for all Victorian staff in health care settings to respond to front-facing clients. A team-player, Kat’s workgroup implemented robust evaluation methods and tools to measure the impact of their work. These skills are invaluable to any training program.

Kat’s facilitation-style has been described as highly responsive and engaging. Kat also ensures her delivery is tailored and attuned to the client group. She thrives on robust and challenging discussions and is passionate about making a difference in the sector.

“Kat was an amazing facilitator. Engaging, sensitive to the topic, and powerful through the use of examples. Tough topic and she did an amazing job. Content was spot on and although confronting at times, very useful.”

Louise Aston

Louise has a background in Counselling, Science (Behaviour Science), Mental Health First Aid and Youth Work and is an experienced facilitator based in Western Australia. Since 2012, Louise has worked as a lecturer and facilitator in the private, vocational education and higher education sections.

Louise has a background in counselling and behavioural science, and is perceptive of the needs of others. Louise utilises modern pedagogy theory and practice throughout her sessions encouraging others to become active and engaged during the training.

In addition, Louise is highly proficient in delivering content to diverse populations, including those with English as a second language.

Luana Gomes

Luana is a skilled and passionate trainer who has worked with many clients impacted by DFV. Luana delivers training for Unique Outcomes a workplace change and leadership organisation and teaches at the Victoria University TAFE division in the areas of Community Services, Youth Work & Alcohol and Other Drugs. Luana has worked across a number of different fields such as; DFV, homelessness, youth at risk and disadvantaged persons support services.

Luana possesses extensive experience in developing and facilitating training packages to a wide range of audiences on a diverse number of topics.

“Great Presenter for such a heavy and complex issue”

Paul Montgomery

Paul has nearly 3 decades of experience in human and community services. In his social work career, he has provided management and practice leadership in numerous programs including innovative pilots of new service models in DFV, family counselling and community education.

As a narrative practitioner, Paul has a strong interest in developing and sharing “insider knowledge” and stories of the creative ways people find to address the complexities of their lives. As a trainer and facilitator he brings this interest in identifying stories of new possibilities for positive team cultures.

“Paul's facilitation of this session was great. Paul made discussing a difficult topic easy. Paul stretched my thinking on DFV and I felt my time attending the session was well spent”

Paula Johnston

Paula is an experienced Leadership Development Consultant supporting achievement of corporate and personal objectives through leading edge, innovative and motivational blended learning, coaching and facilitation.

Paula possesses outstanding design, facilitation, organisational and managerial skills based on over 20 experience in and with complex and diverse corporate international organisations. She has a demonstrated ability to coach, develop and influence to senior management and drive change and culture and service delivery through analysis, design and delivery of outstanding leadership program's and support mechanisms. She has worked in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

“Paula was amazing. I don't know the others but if Paula is available, get her! Her presentation style was engaging, supportive and very caring (she was very diplomatic at managing jokes and sensitivities). Her personal experience was also very beneficial and also made the training more comfortable. I also felt her answers to questions were that much more on point given her experiences”

Tess Raby

Tess has managed domestic and family violence (DFV) and gender equity programs for large government departments for many years. She has extensive experience working with government, NGOs and corporate partners in the social services sector. Tess is recognised as a highly knowledgeable program manager and she has developed and facilitated a range of workplace training programs.

Tess has a particular interest in the prevention of and response to coercive control and as such, has been involved in advocating for changes to the justice system.

A domestic violence survivor and passionate advocate for the prevention of gendered violence and violence against women, Tess believes providing education and training is key to safer workplaces and communities.