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Our vision is to create a world without domestic and family violence.

Partnering with Australian businesses since 2001, our proven Workplace Training Program empowers businesses to be part of the solution to reduce domestic and family violence.   We help develop workplace policy and educate managers and staff to recognise the signs of domestic and family violence and respond appropriately.

We help facilitate training with workplaces to raise awareness about this critical safety issue, provide opportunities to directly support frontline services, and encourage participation in community activities demonstrating to employees and customers your company values.

Research shows

Research shows that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 13 men in Australia will experience some form of domestic and family violence within their lifetime.  Of the women experiencing domestic and family violence, we know that two-thirds are employed.  We can also reasonably assume a similar percentage of people using violence would also be in the workforce.

Many of those staff who experience violence say that this can happen at work via abusive calls and emails, or even their abusive partner turning up to their workplace.  This not only poses significant risk or harm to the person experiencing violence but also to other colleagues.

Economic Cost of Domestic and Family Violence

We know that domestic and family violence reduces work performance and productivity as well as having an impact upon the Australian economy.  Often this is through lost opportunity costs, errors, poor service, stress, performance management, hiring costs and permanent loss of labour capacity.

The workplace challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic are constantly changing.  Now, more than ever, our communities and families are experiencing chronic stress and facing additional pressure in everyday life.  This combined with home isolation and remote working can increase the risk of domestic and family violence.

Workplaces are well placed to provide timely support to those who are affected by domestic and family violence.  Where possible, workplaces can ensure their communication with employees provides reassurance regarding their safety and explains how the organisation can do this. 

Workplaces can also invest time into the wellbeing of staff through regular check-ins, proactive communication, and clear strategies to provide support such as accessing an employee assistance program.

How can you support your staff?

So, what can you do?  You can learn about the issue of domestic and family violence and how you can support your staff who are affected through accessing our workplace training solutions.  We have several workplace domestic and family violence training programs available to help support your staff.  These are based on three key principles:

Recognise: How to recognise the signs of domestic and family violence within individuals and workplaces.

Respond: Responding appropriately to changes in work performance, behaviours, or appearance as well as how to respond to direct disclosures.

Refer: Where to refer people affected by domestic and family violence and how to encourage someone to safely seek help.

Training Solutions

The workplace training opportunities available to your workplace include:

  • Domestic & Family Violence Virtual Training
  • eLearning
  • Face to face training

These sessions can be customised to suit your policy and procedures as we know that the earlier workplaces can recognise, respond, and refer, the better the outcomes for those affected.

For more information

If you would like to know more about how you and work workplace can provide support, please head to www.australiasceochallenge.org or email team@aceoc.org