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Meet the team: Chrissie Keynes

Introducing Chrissie Keynes, one of our fantastic facilitators.

Chrissie has worked in education for 17 years and in many different settings from early childhood through to adult education. Her main love is connecting with people and inspiring others to discover the power they have to make positive change in their lives and the lives of others. Chrissie has always been passionate about mental health and wellbeing which led her to retrain as a counsellor where she am able to tap into her passion for wellbeing in all areas of mental health. 

What led you to working with Challenge DV?

Working with young people impacted by domestic and family violence inspired me to want to help make change from an organisational level. Seeing how difficult it is for these young people to piece their lives together and how hard it can be for them to get the support they need.

What do you value most about delivering the training?

It gives me hope that people in positions to make positive change to so many people’s lives are willing to explore a difficult subject.

What do you value most about being able to support workplaces and people through this work?

Knowing that each small thing that is done to help support people experiencing DV can mean the whole world to that person, or the children involved. Small things make a big difference and I get to be a part of that.

What’s one thing you wished more people knew about domestic and family violence prevention?

Being kind and compassionate can make the difference to someone feeling safe enough to share their experiences.

If society could do just one thing to make an impact, what would it be?

Stop the blame game, no one deserves to be controlled or manipulated. 


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