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Meet the team: Michael Jeh

Introducing one of our talented new facilitators, Michael Jeh!

Former first-class cricketer and Oxford Blue, Michael now works as a wildlife ranger in Africa, and he is also a public speaker and a facilitator/educator with over 15 years’ experience in the domestic and family violence prevention space.

What led you to working with Challenge DV?

Mutual contacts – Challenge DV has always enjoyed a good reputation. I’m keen to broaden my contacts in this sector. 

What do you value most about delivering the training?

Being able to effect pragmatic, meaningful and sustainable change.   

What do you value most about being able to support workplaces and people through this work?

To help them realise that this issue is entirely preventable and that it requires realistic intervention strategies that encourage people to be a small part of a big solution. 

What’s one thing you wished more people knew about domestic and family violence prevention?

That it begins with gender equality. Which in turn comes from attitudes and beliefs that start a long time before the violence begins, sometimes going back generations. And that it has no demographic boundaries. It is a common condition whenever patriarchy meets Power & Control dynamics. 

If society could do just one thing to make an impact, what would it be?

A refusal to tolerate structural inequality and discrimination at any level. It’s impossible to pretend to contain toxic attitudes to just one area of thinking. Power and entitlement in one area inevitably manifests in other areas, whenever people think they can get away with it. 


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